Carpet-Benefits and Advantages

1. Safety-A carpeted floor is a safer floor.

2. Sound Reduction, stifles noise and reduced echoes.

3. Carpet provides warmth and insulation.

4. Ease of Care, highly stain-resistant.

5. Flexibility of style, multiple colors, textures and patterns.

6. Low Cost

Laminate-The Benefits of Laminate

1. Laminate flooring is durable

2. Laminate flooring is economical

3. Laminate flooring is environmental friendly

4. Laminate flooring offers a variety of styles

5. Laminate flooring is easy to install

Hardwood-The Benefits of Hardwood

1. Ecological

2. Vast Variety

3. Easy Maintenance

4. Affordable

Carpet Tiles-Pros

1. Easy Installation

2. Easier cleaning care

3. Allows more flexibility with design

4. Used in schools, airports, offices and even residential applications

Ceramic Tiles-Advantages

1. Durability-Longer life compared to other floor covering products

2. Fire Resistance-They do not burn.

3. Color Permanence-Exposure to sunlight does not alter their color.

4. Resistant to heavy foot traffic

5. Easy Maintenance