Design Options

When it comes to designing the look of your home’s interior these days, one thing’s for certain: the options available to you are quite literally endless. Gone are the days when homeowners had little, or no choice at all, as to how we’d like to decorate the houses in which we live and raise our families. Meant only to whet your appetite, here’s just a sampling of some different types of designing options that may appeal to you:

    • Tudor Style – Suggestive of the types of homes built in England during the era of Shakespeare (1500s), a Tudor style home built in the United States merely mimics humble Medieval cottages or palaces reminiscent of the times, adorned with beautifully patterned brick or stonework, parapets, overlapping gables, steeply pitched rooflines, and decorative half-timbering. On the inside, Tudor styling takes the form of dark wood paneling (sometimes painted white too), millwork, crown molding, leaded glass, deep rich wall colors, patterned wallpaper, hard wood flooring, decorative rugs, thick floor-length curtains, and some pewter accessories peppered throughout.
    • Swedish Style – Influenced by the light and weather common in Scandinavia (long, dreary winters) Swedish home styling focuses primarily on pale, airy, light, and lustrous color tones that are highly popular with Swedish style decors. Since pale walls, floors, and furnishings reflect the natural light of the Sun, interiors adorned in these palettes are cheerful, calm, inviting, and warm on even the darkest winter days. Add to this some lightweight upholstery and linens, painted and raw wood furniture, light wood floors, area rugs, and you’ve got the makings of one of the most popular of all design schemes.
    • Dark Wood Floors – While not a specific ‘look’ per say, darkened hard wood floors deserve a mention as they’ve become extremely popular not just because of their beauty, richness, elegance and style, but also because dark wood is so versatile and easy to clean. They also look fantastic in either a classic style or contemporary modeled home, and give off an entirely unique atmosphere and experience depending on what tone of color you go with (black, brown, natural, gold) or what type of species (oak, cherry, tigerwood, maple, cumaru, acacia, red oak, hickory, or kampas.)