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Why Choose Boen Sports Floor

Focus on Sport Solutions

Our best technical representatives are there to assist and advise you on the creation of a complete floor, helping choose the correct system right down to the line markings as well as maintenance advice to last the life time of your floor. We provide the best Sport Solution according to your needs.

All our products are designed to tolerate great stress under most conditions, from an extremely dry climate of Colorado, USA, to humid Hong Kong. The products engineered cross layer construction limits the hardwoods natural movement and guarantees a durable quality floor. Also other alternatives, e.g. linoleum, PU, PVC, vinyl and rubber can be used in conjunction with BOEN Sport solutions.

BOEN Sport always provides the right Sport Solution thanks to 50 years of experience.

Engineered sport flooring

Tests show that engineered hardwood flooring is the best choice, always.
“Wherever we install our floors we found a decrease in injuries and a healthier approach to sport,” says Jørn Salvesen, BOEN Sport Manager.

The engineered hardwood flooring is a cost-effective investment and maintenance costs are very low. Regular and simple maintenance allows you to use the floor on a daily basis for decades, both for sports and other activities.

Another important aspect to consider is the impact the floor has on nature. Wood is a product of nature and BOEN Sport’s products come from certified timber. Wood is a natural living product, it contributes well to a room’s climate and far less energy is consumed in timber production, processing and disposal, than any other construction material.

Engineered V Solid

Engineered boards are often perceived as an inferior alternative to solid hardwood products, this is not the case!
BOEN Sport scientifically researched the concept of the engineered board to provide a better solution to wasteful; and often problematic solid hardwood boards.The cross layered construction provides a very dimensionally stable product, in tests as much as 70% more stable than an equivalent solid hardwood board. This has provided the solution to problems of gapping and swelling of solid hardwood floors on site.

Engineered Advantages:

1. Approximately 70% more stable than solid
2. Similar thickness wear layer
3. No expansion gap required in field of floor
4. Suitable for under floor heating
5. Effective use of natural resource

Engineered VS Solid