Measure and Estimating Services

free_estimatesMeasurement Services

Detailed floor plans have been our calling card for many years.  We have developed a precise floor plan with different options based on your specific needs.  Every floor plan provides you with accurate measurements showing walls, doorways, net square footage and wall linear footage for both individual areas and the overall project.
These measurements and estimates are excellent for renovation projects in residential, retail, commercial, multi-property and real estate owned properties.  Let us take the guess work out of your project with an accurate, detailed and professional measurement and estimate from Fullerton’s Floor Covering.
Your flooring diagram and estimate will be emailed to you the following day after the measure in a PDF form.
We offer Free Estimates with your flooring purchase.  Fullerton’s does charge a $30.00 service fee for the initial service.  However this will be deducted off your total price upon purchase.